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Game Art

Slots Tycoon

More machines coming soon! 


A mobile 3D Dungeon Crawler game by JacksonMaynard. Texture art by me. Modeling by Nikhil Naidu. 


A Flipping Good Time

With challenging obstacles, exhilarating mine cart rides, an immersive environment, rewarding collectibles, and entertaining levels with unlockable bonus levels, A Flipping Good Time is just that: a flipping good time. I produced most of the environment pieces, props, and assets.


I also did concept work for the character.



The Fourth Wall

A monochrome, screen-warp, puzzle platformer. My responsibilities on this team included background painting, UI work, and miscellaneous prop design. 


Man Vs The World

I was responsible for all of the environment work, character animation, and continuity touch-ups for the ships. Original concepts and base-ship designs were by Kenny Nelson. Explosions by Valdis Matas. Ship animation was done by Armand Cochrand.

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