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Upcoming Locations

130 W 25th St # 2A | NYC, NY

Booking Jan-April | Thurs - Sat

The Booking Process

The first step is to fill out my Tattoo Request Form. 

Hopefully I'll be able to book you right away. Often I will require additional information or request a free consultation to understand your project a little better.

When I'm certain we're on the same page, you'll receive an accurate estimate for your project, my availability, and deposit instructions. You'll also receive a copy of my shop policies.

I tend to book 1-3 months in advance depending on the season and the duration of your project. Smaller projects often have sooner availability, and late winter/early spring typically have the shortest wait times.

I'm very much looking forward to having you. I hope we make cool stuff together.
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Thanks for submitting!

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